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Welcome from the CEO

We had a fabulous Summit in 2017 and we will continue to grow on the outcomes to develop better policies in our 2018 Summit.

This will be the 16th Small Business Summit and will be attended by people who are important to our sector. This normally includes the Australian Tax Commissioner, the Deputy Chair of the ACCC and the heads of the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Fair Work Commission. We also feature key politicians such as the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and our Small Business Minister.

Importantly, we also have the leaders of industry associations who represent the people that run businesses in various sectors of the Australian economy.

Small business owners employ over 4.5 million people and are a major part of the economy, as well as contributing members of our local communities. Small business people provide our society with the capability to innovate and to deal with adversity quicker than big business. We also provide the difference between communities.  We are as much a part of our culture as we are our economy. We make the difference.

In 2017 we famously signed an MOU with the Business Council of Australia and the BCA will report with us on progress of the MOU. It is important that we send a clear message to the Australian public that while we disagree on some things and while some businesses, big and small do the wrong thing, that well over 95% of all businesses do the right thing and contribute to our society through jobs, wealth creation and support for our needy citizens.  The story of business is a positive and constructive story.

COSBOA is committed to providing a voice for small business. We will be closer to an election in August 2018 and we can focus on the policies we want to be at the front and centre for all political parties. At the Summit, we look forward to discussing our policies on workplace relations, the collection of superannuation and paid parental leave, contract law and competition policy, women in business and burdensome compliance and regulation demands on small business people.

The 2018 Summit will connect all the key stakeholders - small business, senior politicians as well as bureaucrats and big business representatives - in a three way exchange of minds in our advancements to debate policy and build productivity for the betterment of our people.

Peter Strong





Council of Small Business Australia
The Council of Small Business Australia is the country’s peak body exclusively representing the interests of small businesses.

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