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    Miriam Rizvi, also known as Mim Beanie to Mini-Beanies across the country is co-founder, creator and performer in children’s band The Beanies. The Beanies are every child’s best friend with a mission to bring back imaginative play!

    The Beanies provide a screen free entertainment option for parents of children 3-8 years old with their podcast series on ListnR. The popular audio adventures have eclipsed a million downloads and won an Australian Podcast award in 2018 for best Kids and Family Podcast.

    The Beanies have written over 60 original songs that have been released with ABC Kids, their hits including “Painting Party“, “Teeny Tiny Spider” and “Where Does My Poo Go?” have been streamed over 2 million times. In 2019 The Beanies were nominated for an ARIA Award in the category of Best Children’s Album.