The Hon. Bruce BillsonIndependent NED at the Australian Property Institute

    The Hon Bruce Billson earned the reputation of being a ‘champion of small business’, “arguably one of Australia’s most passionate Small Business Ministers”* and continues to be an SME ‘evangelist’.

    As a Treasury portfolio Cabinet Minister, Bruce spearheaded that Abbott Government’s SME agenda to ‘energise enterprise’, leading the formulation of the 2015 Federal Budget’s Jobs and Small Business package and a series of pro-small business/pro-competitiveness reforms.

    Since retiring as an undefeated 7-term member of the Australian House of Representatives in 2016, Bruce has developed a portfolio of interests all geared to supporting SME success.

    Bruce is founder and principal of Agile Advisory; an independent NED for SME ‘challenger’ financier, Judo Bank; Special Counsel’ to Royce Communications; Director of Small Business & Enterprise with the Deakin University’s Business School; Independent Director of the Australian Property Institute and Board Member of SEM (South East Melbourne group of councils).